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Top Five Tips for Using a Grid

Free PDF

If you are looking for some insights into designing logos, icons or decorative patterns (surface pattern design), grab this free PDF and receive five emails that explain each tip in greater detail.

Gain insights into the value of using a grid, even if you don’t know where to start.

Find out how to use grids to convey a natural sense of rhythm and natural growth in your creative work.

Behind the Grids 

When I started out using grids, I struggled. I had to make a paradigm shift in my head. I had to let go of the idea of using standard units of measure, like millimetres or inches, to adopting proportional units of measure, like the golden section.

Until I swapped a ruler for a plain straight edge and pair of compasses, the golden ratio was a real mind bender.

Now it’s one of a small number of proportions I regularly use to create grids for my designs. 

Follow-Up Info 

Even if the one-page top five tips isn’t enough for you to make the same transition, there are five free emails explaining each tip in greater detail.

Grab the TOP 5 TIPS below, and discover how to get the right balance in your patterns and compositions, even if you struggle with proportion.

Icon Design - The Book

Apple is definitely onto something with the geometrical grid system it uses. Discover the secrets of this centuries old grid system and how you can use it to create app icons and buttons that fit right in on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

Design Secrets Revealed!

This book shows you how to design great app icons using the golden section. Specifically, it focuses on icons for Apple platform, but the principles apply equally well to any artwork that would benefit from a geometric approach.
Michael Gardner

What a great book!
As an app developer your apps need a point of difference from the thousands of competing applications. With Chris’s book and help we were able to give our app the best opportunity of success.

Peter Diack, Developer

Icon Design is an excellent design manual for professionals, artists and designers who want to create simple yet elegant visual images for icons or icon like artwork.

Chris’ understanding of the timeless principles of geometric proportion and the Apple iOS icon grid has allowed him to integrate the two into an easy to use, step by step, fun left brain holistic approach to design.

Simon Bialobroda, Architect

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