Decorative Band Patterns for Creatives

Decorative Band Patterns for Creatives

Geometric Grids Made Easy

Course Summary

Beautifully simple, or wonderfully complex, your decorative bands and borders can be purely geometric, interlaced, leafy, or include any combination of design elements of any style.

In this short course follow along to create seven completely different easy-to-copy patterns. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use the supplied grid to create your own range of decorative bands. You can use these bands as borders to frame your work, or as dividers to separate your work, or stack them together to fill a space.

This course includes around 25 minutes of video. Allow around half a day to reproduce many, if not all of the included patterns, then use the grid to explore your own ideas.

In this course we will start with a printed grid (supplied as a download) to draw your designs, then we will scan them into the computer and vectorize them. While I use Affinity Designer, any vector drawing app like Illustrator will suffice. If you prefer the non-digital experience using water-colours, gouache or acrylics, feel free to use these instead.

With this grid, discover:
  • How to create a range of different decorative bands, even if you don't know where to start.
  • How to develop your technical skills through the exploration of your creativity with a grid.
  • How to lay out all the parts of your design, without it looking messy, obvious or contrived.
  • How to create original patterns that work visually, even when you have the ideas, but little time.
  • How to achieve asymmetry and balance in a design, even if you find it hard.
  • How to move your creativity on, even if you become attached to a particular idea or concept.

Rebecca Livermore

Blogger, Author, Online Teacher

I love patterns but have never done pattern design. Chris's teaching style is affirming and motivating. I love the way he simplifies things and reduces overwhelm. I found this course relaxing and easy to follow. I highly recommend it!

Course Curriculum

Heather Lee 

Brand Identity Strategist

I love the idea of creating something that looks complex, is visually balanced but simple to create. Using your grid system (along with tool tips) makes the creation process look enjoyable. Look forward to experimenting with your grids. Thanks Chris!

Chris Heath

Chris is a writer and designer with a serious interest in geometry and design. In the 1990's Chris completed his Masters Thesis on 'The Geometric Laws and Principles in Ornament'. Chris lives in the sunny Art Deco city of Napier, New Zealand.

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