Asymmetrical Drawing and Lettering with the Golden Ratio

Geometric Grids Made Easy

Course Summary

Have you ever wondered how to use the golden ratio? Let's face it; it's not the easiest thing to wrap your head around. The math may seem mind-boggling, but here's the thing – it's actually quite simple for creatives of all levels to use the golden ratio. In this course we explore, through a series of simple drawing exercises, one of the golden ratio's special properties.

This property can best be described as balanced asymmetry and it can be easily achieved using simple grids that are made up of asymmetrically spaced lines.

  • Achieve balance and harmony in the layout of your design elements.
  • Use asymmetrical grids to convey a dynamic sense of rhythm and natural growth.
  • Easily lay out your designs with the golden ratio.
  • Brush up on your drawing skills using a simple grid to guide the size and location of your elements.
  • Overcome the challenges of using a grid, even if you have the ideas, but don't know where to start.
  • Master the creative flexibility of sketching on paper before drawing on the computer.
  • Learn how to get the right geometric balance, even if you are just used to pushing mouse buttons.
  • Create original patterns that you can apply to the products you sell.
So let's explore some surprisingly simple grids and exercises. With these grids, you can very quickly get up to speed with using the golden ratio to incorporate:
  • rhythm
  • growth
  • a general sense of balance within your design, and
  • harmony across a range of designs.
It feels like magic once you experience what is happening at the tip of your pen. It's an amazing feeling to see how and with little effort you can take control of those awkward spaces that can throw your composition out of balance.

Course Curriculum

"Typically I use the Golden Ratio as a refinement tool rather than a way to create the artwork, but in this class Chris shares some practical ways you can apply it in your own design projects. In his in-depth breakdown there are plenty of actionable takeaways. So if you're looking to add an extra tool in your design belt, this is a great course for it."
Ilya Lobanov

Creative Director & Owner
Studeo Pty Ltd
Brisbane, Australia

Complex Chevrons Made Easy with Affinity Designer

Take this detailed set of lessons to master some of the basics when it comes to using the:
  • Move, Pen, & Node tools, and
  • the golden ratio to guide the size and location of your design elements.

Chris Heath

Chris is a writer and designer with a serious interest in geometry and design. In the 1990's Chris completed his Masters Thesis on 'The Geometric Laws and Principles in Ornament'. Chris lives in the sunny Art Deco city of Napier, New Zealand.

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Chris V

Superb and Thorough!

Chris does a splendid job of teaching and demonstrating the art of drawing using the Golden Ratio as a guide. Tools and materials are well explained and there are a number of options to create a fun and growth inspiring project. This is a wonderful skill that can be used in artwork and lettering for years to come!

4 years ago